What About My Greeks? Optional Lists for AoA2

A long time ago I wrote a Classical Greek Campaign for several myself and several of my friends in Southern California.  Back then, the only 2 sources for playing any type of Classical Greek army was the original AoA and Jeff Jonas’s ATG supplement.  So I compiled a few lists, and we played a 2 year long campaign.  Sadly, 4 of the players back then spent large amounts of time and money putting together armies which are now not included in AoA2.  So going back over my old notes, here are the updated lists if you would like to use them.  When an entry refers to a stat line and points cost, please refer to the entry as it now appears in Later Hoplite Greek List (pages 40-41) of AoA2.  Unless specifically mentioned, all equipment options remain the same as the original army list entry.

The first army would be that of Thessaly, in the 100 year period prior to the rise of Alexander the Great.  Thessaly was noted for the extensive use of cavalry and the quality of it’s horses.  The army General would be referred to as a Tagus, in 344 B.C., Philip II was declared as Tagus for life.

Thessalian Army– Characters: up to 25%. Cavalry: at least 25%.  Hoplite Infantry: at least 25%, may not include elite hoplites.  Light Troops: up to 25%. Allies:  up to 25%, may select from Early Macedonia or Minor City-States list .  All cavalry units cost +2 points and are M8.

Phocis was a Minor City State, located in central Greece which played a pivotal roll in many conflicts.  It was the luck-luster performance of Phocian troops at Thermopylae which was partially blamed for the loss of that battle.  Phocis later played a key role against Philip II of Macedon during the Sacred Wars (355-346 BC).  The Phocians employed larger numbers of light troops than most other Greek armies to defend the mountainous terrain of that region.  Highly trained bands of light troops known as ‘Epilektoi’, functioned as the elite troops of the Phocian army.

Phocian Army– Characters: up to 25%.  Cavalry: up to 10% (may not take Elite Cavalry).  Hoplite Infantry: up to 50%, a Phocian army must include at least 1 unit of Mercenary Hoplites (may not take Elite Hoplites) and 1 unit of Militia Hoplites . Light Troops: up to 50%, 0-1 units of Peltasts (light troops) per 1200 points may be upgraded to Elite status for +4 points (these troops are WS4, I4, Ld8) and must upgrade to shield and thrusting spear.  Artillery: up to 10%, may select Stone Thrower per page 85 of the EIR list.   The normal restrictions to artillery per page 4 of AoA2 still applies.

Greek Mercenary armies had existed nearly as long as there had been Greek City States.  Greek Mercenaries fought for and against Greeks, Persians, Egyptians and later the Romans.

Greek Mercenary Hoplite– Characters: up to 25%.  Cavalry: up to 25% (0-1 unit may be upgraded to Elite).  Hoplite Infantry:  at least 50% (may select only Regular or Mercenary Hoplites, 0-1 units may be upgraded to Elite).  Light Troops: up to 25% (any unit of bow armed psiloi may be upgraded to Cretans).  Note- Regular Hoplites represent newly recruited hoplites, while Mercenaries and Elites represent the ‘old-guard’.

I will work on getting lists out for Argos, Corinth and Epirus.  These lists are not official, but I will post a link to them on the WAB Forum website.