WAB- Late Era Christian Spanish (1101-1250 AD)



As T3 and the Warhammer Ancient Battles World Championships 2014 draws ever nearer, I am making a dedicated drive to have a newly painted army ready for the event.  After much debate and pouring through miniatures, I have decided to go with Late Christian Spanish out of AoA2.  I will be sure and update everyone with photos and details as I progress towards my goal.  August 15th, is not that far away!  Wish me luck.

Picture above for inspiration is James I of Aragon’s Knights Marching to Fight the Moors



DBA 2.2

DBA is now a weekly event (every Tuesday) at the Game Matrix in Tacoma.  I will be there at least twice a month.  After looking through my 15mm Miniature box, I found a complete Theban Army from Xyston.  As soon as I get time to get them painted, I will post pictures here.

What About My Greeks- Part 3 (final)

I was recently asked if I had completed any additional lists for Greek City-States or regions for use with Warhammer Ancient Battles as a follow-up to my earlier released campaign lists.  The simple answer is yes, and here are the last 2 lists that I worked on and should conclude our previous campaign notes.  I hope you can get some use out of them.

Kyrenean (Cyrenean) Greece was a cluster of closely associated Greek colonies established during the 6th and 7th Century BCE, along the coast of modern day Eastern Libya.  The most notable of these colonies were Appolonia, Barca, Kyrene and Euesperides.  In 515 BCE, the Persians sent an expedition into the region to put down an uprising which had originated in the city of Barca.  The Greek colonists continually fought against native people(s) and occasionally themselves, while trying to remain autonomous.  In 414 BCE, the city of Euesperides was saved from Libyan conquest by the Spartan General Gylippus.  In 323 BCE, the area became part of the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great, and later Ptolemaic Egypt.  A unique feature of Kyrenean armies appears to be the continued use of 4-horse chariots throughout the 6th- 4th Century BCE, as a tool of war.

Kyrenean Army– Characters: up to 25%.  Cavalry & Chariots: up to 25%, may 0-1 units of Chariots, but may not take Elite Cavalry.  Hoplite Infantry: at least 33%, 0-1 unit may be upgraded to Elite.  Light Troops: up to 25%.  Allies:  up to 25%, may select from 1 other Greek City-State.  For Chariot stats and points cost, use the Heavy Chariot entry in Early Carthaginian list (page 23 of AoA2).

Magna Graecia was heavily colonized by the Greeks beginning in the 8th Century BCE.  The area, known as Magna Graecia (Latin for Great Greece), included Sicily and those parts of Italian coast which border the Ionian Sea. Many of the new Greek colonies strongly established themselves, such as Tarentum, Rhegium, Cronton, Thurii, and Heraclea and to the north, Neapolis (Naples), Cumae and Elea.  Unlike Sicily (who was at times a chief rival and belligerent), the mainland colonies of Magna Graecia fell under the increasing influence of (and conflicts involving) their Calabrian, Campanian and Latin neighbors during the 6th thru 4th Century BCE.  This list covers the period prior to the arrival of Pyrrhus of Epirus in 280 BCE.

Magna Graecian Army– Characters: up to 25%.  Cavalry: up to 15%, may take 0-1 Elite Cavalry.  Hoplite Infantry: at least 50%, 0-1 unit may be upgraded to Elite.  Light Troops: up to 25%.  Allies:  up to 25%, may select from the Syracusan (only), Italian Hill Tribes or Campanian lists.



Bolt Action Tournament at Enflilade 2013

I know several of you have asked for details regarding the Bolt Action Tournament at Enfilade 2013, so here are the complete list of rules:

1.  An army shall be 1000 points or less, chosen from official publications or PDF’s from WARLORD GAMES.  No home grown or fan-based lists will be accepted.  A single re-enforced platoon will be available for unit purchases and support selections.  Players creating list from specific THEATRE SELECTORS must specify on their army list.  This list will be used for each of the three (3) games to be played.  No changes or variations between games will be allowed.

2.  Each army will be categorized into one of three (3) groups: Early War 39-41, Mid War 42-43 or Late War 44-45.  Mixed equipment/options (early and late) will always be considered of the latest time period.  Pairings will be made within time period as appropriate.  In all other cases, the earlier time period army will be considered as the underdog.

3.  Each of the three (3) games played will utilize scenarios designed by the Tournament Organizer (TO).  Terrain will be fixed and not movable by the players.  Each game will be played on a 4 foot x 6 foot table (area).  Each game will last for 2 1/4 hours, six-turns or until time is called (which may depend on scenario).  Each game will be worth a maximum of 20 battle points (BP).  Players whose armies are ‘underdogged’ will awarded bonus  BP as an offset.

4.  Each player will supply four (4) copies of their army list at the beginning of the tournament to the TO.  Each player is expected to have (at minimum) a copy of the Bolt Action rulebook, any supplement/PDF necessary for their army, tape measure and dice.  Additionally, each player will email a final copy of their list to the TO no later than 05/13 /13 for verification and approval.  Email lists to socalwarhammer@yahoo.com.

5.  All armies must be painted and WYSIWYG.

6.  The TO will be the final arbitrator of all rules questions/disputes.

7.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and best painted.



Seleucid Elephants on Parade

Well, I wanted to take a moment and update everyone on my progress towards completion of my Seleucid Army for the WAB GT.  I had shown the elephants as they were finished and now I have finished the crews and howdah.  One of the major considerations (in addition to painting) was making the howdah removable, which was accomplished with magnets and/or pins.  Well, here they are in their completed glory.

Ele01Ele02Ele03Ele04Ele05Well, that’s it for now.  Wish me luck at the WAB GT!

Fixing Some Old Models…


Well, in 2010 I painted these Aventine Cavalry for Adepticon 2011 as part of my Macedonian Army.  So, with time running out and my time-window for getting my painting done closes…I pulled these guys out and did some major touch-ups and added the shields.  While they don’t look as good as the rest of the stuff I am taking to England.  I am happy with them none the less.  Here is what they look like now!


Seleucid Elephant #3

Well, I just finished my third, and final elephant for the upcoming WAB GT.  The pressure to keep painting and finish everything before the GT is starting to mount as it comes down to the wire.  So rather than bore you with all my painting techniques and individual steps of the process,  here is the final model, which is available from Aventine Miniatures.  The first two pictures are without the howdah.

3EL013EL02Well I have also finished the crew and my ultimate plan is to be able to remove them (to represent casualties) by attaching them via tiny Rare Earth magnets.  But I am still awaiting for them to arrive and the need to get here soon or I will have to glue them instead.  Here is a picture with the howdah (which is not glued or attached).

3EL03Let me know what you think…

Thureophoroi Finished!

Well, my unit of Thureophoroi is finally finished and ready for the WAB GT!  The figures from Aventine looks awesome and were really fun to work with.  Here they are for your inspection.

THR01THR02THR03I also wanted to point out that all of the models were painted with Army Painter Paints and Quick Shade Inks (washes).  Below was one of the pieces from antiquity that was part of my inspiration.