lion rampant cover
Cover of Lion Rampant

Lion Rampant in 28mm.

With the release this past week of Daniel Mersey’s new set of rules for Medieval Wargaming- it’s time to put together a new army.

A long and detailed look a the rules leaves so much up to the individual player that some choices and selections can become very troublesome.  The real struggle is to design a force based on an actual historical army, while keeping some level of tactical flexibility and variation to be fun.

Flag of Flanders

As I am still inspired by my recent trip to Europe and wanting to capitalize on my trips to Liege, Rochefort and Bastogne- I have decided to put together a Flemish Army.  And before the Geography Society Members get upset, I know that Flanders is actually in Northern Belgium.  So what will my actual force look like?


Army- Defenders of Flanders

2 Units of Foot Serjeants

2 Units of Crossbows with Pavise

1 Unit of Mounted Serjeants

Now all that is left is to start painting (all 54 models).


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