Flemish Army for Lion Rampant

lion rampant cover
Cover of Lion Rampant

Lion Rampant in 28mm.

With the release this past week of Daniel Mersey’s new set of rules for Medieval Wargaming- it’s time to put together a new army.

A long and detailed look a the rules leaves so much up to the individual player that some choices and selections can become very troublesome.  The real struggle is to design a force based on an actual historical army, while keeping some level of tactical flexibility and variation to be fun.

Flag of Flanders

As I am still inspired by my recent trip to Europe and wanting to capitalize on my trips to Liege, Rochefort and Bastogne- I have decided to put together a Flemish Army.  And before the Geography Society Members get upset, I know that Flanders is actually in Northern Belgium.  So what will my actual force look like?


Army- Defenders of Flanders

2 Units of Foot Serjeants

2 Units of Crossbows with Pavise

1 Unit of Mounted Serjeants

Now all that is left is to start painting (all 54 models).