Well, it is time to finish of the ground troops.  So I added 10 Psiloi Archers and 2 Light Bolt Throwers* with crew (4).  Under the rules in WAB, the Later Byzantines do have a wide selection of missile troops, but my experience with WAB has led me to form the solid opinion that it is highly improbable that you can ever shoot an enemy off of the table.  My tactics should encourage an opponent to make the first moves on the battlefield and allow me to fight in a more defensive or counter-attack based game.

All of these troops are painted and finished the same way for speed.  I used white Armory Brand Primer, followed by flat colors (all of which are Army Painter Brand Paints):  Dragon Red, Skeleton Bone, Leather Brown, Oak Brown (on the bows), Barbarian Flesh,  Black and Plate Mail.  Then washing the whole model in AP Soft Tone Wash- simply amazing!   Allow it to thoroughly dry and then touch up the white, metal and red (with Pure Red).  The models were based with sand, then Desert Yellow followed by a dry brush of Skeleton Bone.  The grass is AP Jungle Tuff.    The red line effect is achieved by using a red Sharpie Brand Micro-Pen. Sealed with Dullcote.  Total time from beginning to end- 9-10 hours (2 days).   Here they are for your review.

Byzantine Bolt Thrower & Psiloi Archers.
Byzantine Bolt Thrower & Psiloi Archers.

*= Bolt Throwers (not crew) had been previously painted and is part of my EIR Roman Army.  Bolt Throwers are from Warlord Games.

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