Well, I have completed a 20 man, mixed unit of Byzantine light infantry.  The unit consists of 14 unarmored spearmen which are supported by 6 unarmored bowmen.

Historically, formations such as this were referred to a ‘Phalanx’, and consisted of multiple types of troops organized with spear/pikes to the front and lighter missile troops, which included javelin-men and bowmen in support.  Well here they are, arrayed for your review.

Byzantine Light Infantry- Front View
Byzantine Light Infantry- Front View
Byzantine Light Infantry- Side View
Byzantine Light Infantry- Side View

3 thoughts on “Byzantine Light Infantry

  1. Hi, I have been a fan of your podcast and your blog. Your contributions to the WAB community has been great. I am very interested in your Byzantine posts as I have been doing a Byzantine army myself.

    With regards to the Byzantines that you are painting, were they from Crusader miniatures? What time period are these troops supposed to be from? I have never seen anyone paint un-armored Byzantine spearmen and I am quite interested to know how and when (in which time period) were these guys were used in battle.

    1. Vern-

      First of all, yes, all of my Byzantines are Crusader Miniatures, which I think are some great looking models for the time period.

      As for unarmored Skutatoi, during the post-Thematic period, sources indicate that on some occassions the use of levies or rapidly organized troops occurred. I use them for this purpose. When trying to respresent the different quality of troops which likely existed. I also have armored Skutatoi which are a major portion of my army.

      The sad truth is that from a gaming point of view, the armored are far superior to unarmored levy. But, I want my army to have as many options as possible, so I wanted to paint at least one unit.

  2. Very nicely done, Pat. I recall we worked on some of the light troops a couple of years ago. Nice work on the hems of the tunics. I’m sure you’ll use this army to its fullest advantage at the tournament too. Dean

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