Paint, paint, paint.  The love and joy of the wargamer is never done.  The labor and love, sometimes combined with frustration, are feelings most of us dedicated to the hobby share in common. After a disaterous application of an old can of GW Matte Varnish Spray to a freshly painted group of shields, with beautiful LBMS shield transfers… After cussing and having to throw 10 shields into Simple Green, a few hours later I started fresh and went with a much more simple shield design and paint job. Now my 10 Byzantine Psiloi are now done.  Here they are for your review.

Byzantine Psiloi (Skirmishers)
Byzantine Psiloi (Skirmishers)

2 thoughts on “Byzantine Psiloi Skirmishers

    1. Some were done. In order to get 3000 points I need to add a bunch of stuff. I had a warband done for SAGA, but there is a HUGE difference between SAGA and WAB. I had some Early Byzantines done, but this army is strictly Later Byzantines and all the infantry have kite shields, not the ovals of the Early Byzantines.

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