Just wanted to take a second and update everyone on my painting progress.  It is with major disappointment that my miniature order from England was delayed and not all of the items I needed to complete my Christian Spanish will be ready in time for me to get it all painted before The Worlds 2014 in Germany.

So I broke out my Byzantines and began working on them again.  Since I hadn’t touched them in over a year, I was disappointed that I had so few done and so many more to go before I can relax and just play practice games of WAB.

Well here is my first group of finished command, complete with a banner from Little Big Men Studios.

Light Infantry Command
Light Infantry Command
Detail of LBMS Banner.
Detail of LBMS Banner.

2 thoughts on “Byzantine Light Infantry Command

    1. Yes, the second one went on with no problem. I think the adhesive on the first one had dried out somehow. Tomorrow I will send a message to LBMS and let them know about it.

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