The Greek & Macedonian Art of War

A listener to the podcast recently sent me the following email:

I am just starting to get into historical wargames and want to learn more about Ancient Greek Warfare.  I have a couple of books from Osprey, but are there less expensive books for a beginning player with only a little background to read?

In response, I would say that there are many good books on the subject of Ancient Greek Warfare, but most tend to be hardbound and at times rather pricey.  One of my favorite books is now somewhat dated, but is still an excellent read-  The Greek and Macedonian Art of War by Frank E. Adcock.  The book was part of a series originally published by the University of California Press with a listed cover price (on my copy) of $2.25.  I am sure it cost more now, but several years ago I picked up a nearly mint used copy for $1 at a used book store.

The book is rather short, just over 100 pages of text and contains no pictures or illustrations, but it is full of fundamental information regarding Hellenistic Warfare.  I suggest you try to find a copy and read it.

The Greek and Macedonian Art of War
The Greek and Macedonian Art of War