A Day at the Home of the WAB Corner

Last Saturday, Dean M. invited me to his home to play in his epic scenario re-fighting the Siege of Haengju.  Now Dean has already posted a detailed narrative of the painful blow by blow on his blog and you can check it out there.

But I had taken some additional pictures that show the beauty of his miniatures and the overall scope of the battle, so here they are:

The Castle
The Koreans defending their village and shrine.
Another view of the Castle and it’s defenders.
Manning the first line of defense.
Japanese Right Flank
The forces of the Japanese (right flank).
The forces of the Japanese (left flank).
The Japanese center.
The Main Body of the Japanese army shifts left as it moves towards the Castle.
Japanese Cavalry covers the right flank against any possible counter-attack.
The extreme left flank of the Japanese battle line prepares to assault the lower defensive works.
The Assault Begins!
The First Assault while courageous is repelled by the determined defenders.
Disgusted to see his troops retreating, the Japanese General orders another assault.
The Korean defenders are unable to stop the ferocity of the Samurai who successfully breach the first defensive wall.

Ultimately the Japanese breach the upper wall and route a sizable number of the Korean defenders!  Unlike actually history, today at the home of WAB Corner, Japan is victorious!  A great day and a great game.  Thanks Dean for putting it together and James for being a sporting opponent.