As T3 and the Warhammer Ancient Battles World Championships 2014 draws ever nearer, I am making a dedicated drive to have a newly painted army ready for the event.  After much debate and pouring through miniatures, I have decided to go with Late Christian Spanish out of AoA2.  I will be sure and update everyone with photos and details as I progress towards my goal.  August 15th, is not that far away!  Wish me luck.

Picture above for inspiration is James I of Aragon’s Knights Marching to Fight the Moors

One thought on “WAB- Late Era Christian Spanish (1101-1250 AD)

  1. Pat: As soon as Enfilade! is over, I’ll be happy to get a WAB game or two in with you – still never used the Early-HRE army. In fact, it was built using Armies of Chivalry, before AoA2 came out.

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