Bolt Action Tournament at Enflilade 2013

I know several of you have asked for details regarding the Bolt Action Tournament at Enfilade 2013, so here are the complete list of rules:

1.  An army shall be 1000 points or less, chosen from official publications or PDF’s from WARLORD GAMES.  No home grown or fan-based lists will be accepted.  A single re-enforced platoon will be available for unit purchases and support selections.  Players creating list from specific THEATRE SELECTORS must specify on their army list.  This list will be used for each of the three (3) games to be played.  No changes or variations between games will be allowed.

2.  Each army will be categorized into one of three (3) groups: Early War 39-41, Mid War 42-43 or Late War 44-45.  Mixed equipment/options (early and late) will always be considered of the latest time period.  Pairings will be made within time period as appropriate.  In all other cases, the earlier time period army will be considered as the underdog.

3.  Each of the three (3) games played will utilize scenarios designed by the Tournament Organizer (TO).  Terrain will be fixed and not movable by the players.  Each game will be played on a 4 foot x 6 foot table (area).  Each game will last for 2 1/4 hours, six-turns or until time is called (which may depend on scenario).  Each game will be worth a maximum of 20 battle points (BP).  Players whose armies are ‘underdogged’ will awarded bonus  BP as an offset.

4.  Each player will supply four (4) copies of their army list at the beginning of the tournament to the TO.  Each player is expected to have (at minimum) a copy of the Bolt Action rulebook, any supplement/PDF necessary for their army, tape measure and dice.  Additionally, each player will email a final copy of their list to the TO no later than 05/13 /13 for verification and approval.  Email lists to

5.  All armies must be painted and WYSIWYG.

6.  The TO will be the final arbitrator of all rules questions/disputes.

7.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and best painted.