Seleucid Elephant #3

Well, I just finished my third, and final elephant for the upcoming WAB GT.  The pressure to keep painting and finish everything before the GT is starting to mount as it comes down to the wire.  So rather than bore you with all my painting techniques and individual steps of the process,  here is the final model, which is available from Aventine Miniatures.  The first two pictures are without the howdah.

3EL013EL02Well I have also finished the crew and my ultimate plan is to be able to remove them (to represent casualties) by attaching them via tiny Rare Earth magnets.  But I am still awaiting for them to arrive and the need to get here soon or I will have to glue them instead.  Here is a picture with the howdah (which is not glued or attached).

3EL03Let me know what you think…