Thureophoroi Finished!

Well, my unit of Thureophoroi is finally finished and ready for the WAB GT!  The figures from Aventine looks awesome and were really fun to work with.  Here they are for your inspection.

THR01THR02THR03I also wanted to point out that all of the models were painted with Army Painter Paints and Quick Shade Inks (washes).  Below was one of the pieces from antiquity that was part of my inspiration.


They’re Just Skirmishers!

Well my first unit of sling-armed Elephant Runners for my Seleucid Army are now finished.  I guess I am putting more work into them then I have done for models in a long time and I am really enjoying it.  I picked a pretty drab color palate for these 14 models so they can be used as either general skirmishers or levy in the future.  Frankly, 3 level highlighting on brown is rather boring.  These are a mixture of Aventine slingers and stone-throwers.  But here they are for you inspection!


Bolt Action Germans for Enfilade!

Armies-of-Germany-cover-600x775Well, Enfilade is only 5 months away and I am going to have to paint my own army.  I have played both Germans and Americans which have been borrowed from a buddy.  Now I have to get my own army painted.  While my ultimate goal will be to have at least 2 armies, I think I am going to start with Germans.  More exactly, Panzer Grenadiers.  While I don’t have much time to paint until I get back from England, this is the 1000 points I am planning on going with as a starting point (for tournaments and such).

HQ- First Lieutenant & 2 men (V) = 116

Squad #1- 10 Veteran Grenadiers (V) with 1 LMG, 2 SMG & 4 Assault Rifles = 176

Squad #1- 10 Veteran Grenadiers (V) with 1 LMG, 2 SMG & 4 Assault Rifles = 176

Panzer IV Ausf G (V) with Schurzen = 292

SDKFZ 251 Half-Track (V) with rear mounted MMG = 122

Opel Blitz Truck (V) with forward pintle-mounted MMG = 62

Kubelwagen (V) with forward pintle-mounted MMG = 40

Total = 984