Hellenestic Archers (unit of 10).

Well, my painting is going slowly but I must admit that over all I am happy with the results thus far.  The vibrant color of the later Hellenistic and Successor armies have always been more time consuming to paint (at least for this painter).  All figures are from Aventine Miniatures.

So I got this unit of Neo-Cretans done today.  It was nearly a week long process, aided by some short-cuts.  I started from a white primer and then used Army Painter (AP) Crystal Blue for my base coat.  I then inked the models with P3 blue ink and set about applying skin tones (AP Barbarian Flesh) and weapons/armor (AP Leather Brown and Plate Mail). The bows were painted with AP Bleached Bone and all the areas that weren’t blue were given a wash with AP Soft Tone ink.  I must admit I am very happy with the results.  Only a few light lights of flesh and weapons were added.  The original Crystal Blue was applied to the first shading effect, and then a 50% Crystal Blue to  50% AP Matte White was mixed as a final highlight.  The bases were done with AP Oak Brown over Woodland Scenic’s Fine Bassalt with a light dry brush of Bleached Bone.  Citadel (GW) tuffed were added as a finishing effect.  The models were sealed with Testor’s Dullcote.

In retrospect and product review, I am happy with the AP Inks.  They performed very well and I will be buying them again.  I don’t think I would use them over pastel colors as they would mute them, which I did do initially on one test model.  The P3 Blue Ink worked well and the Testor’s and Woodland Scenic’s stuff is already a tried and tested standard on my work-table.  the only negative note was the GW tuff grass.  The individual tufts did look good, but the white glue (used as a base) was visible in places after application and was not malleable, meaning it didn’t conform to the bases very well.  Well, here they are for your honest review.