SAGA Warband: Byzantines

Well, I have been immersed in SAGA for the past couple of weeks and have been working on a couple of warbands; Welsh and Vikings.  In part, I want to do something different and since I already have a partially completed Byzantine Army (from the previous WAB- NHMGS Dark Ages Campaign), I have decided to push through and get a Byzantine Warband done for SAGA.  With no official list published, I went to the SAGA Forums and read up on the experimental list by A. Hughes and it is available at his blog site.

So, I had to decide what I wanted my 6 point warband to look like.  I wanted to stick with a elite cavalry force with good infantry.  So I put 3 points into hearthguard in the form of Khataphracts and end up with 12 models which I will organize into 2 units of 6 models each.  Not really wanting to take levies (psiloi), I spent another 3 points on warriors; 10 will be bowmen and 2 units of 7 skoutatoi or spearmen.

I just want to thank A. Hughes for putting the list and battleboard together and the guys from the SAGA Forums for making it available and encouraging the community to put their own 2 cents in.  I am really looking forward to getting some games of SAGA in with this warband (pictures to follow).

Just got a copy of the SAGA Byzantines faction which will be released in Wargames Illustrated’s November issue.  It was very close, but I will be taking the option which allows for one of my mounted hearthguard units to have bows.  This should be awesome!