With the WAB GT only 6 months away, I stopped painting my Seleucid army and redirected myself to a whole new army from scratch.  My heart really wasn’t into doing the Seleucids, which was slowing progress to a crawl.  In the meantime, I kept looking through AoA2 in the hopes I would become inspired by a new army.

Looking in my box of old and unfinished projects I found a few Foundry and Crusader Miniatures which consisted of Hoplites and Persians.  These are the remnants of a project I had run a many years ago- a Thermopylae demo .  But I just didn’t want to paint another Spartan or typical Greek Hoplite composition army.  I wanted to something different.  So as I was reading Plutarch’s biographies of Themistocles and Aristides and decided that I had found my perfect army…Thebes, the traitors of Plataea.  So I am off and painting my Early Greek Hoplite Army with Persian allies.  Wow, this army really are the bad guys…from a Greek point of view.

I will begin posting pics as soon as the first units are done.

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