Empires at Sea Battle Report- Athens vs. Persia

Well, today as part of the NHMGS Friday Truants, myself and Dean Motoyama met at the Game Matrix in Tacoma to play a game of Empires at Sea, a home-grown set of rules which I have posted on the WAB Forums for free use to the historical wargaming community.  You can download the rules here.

Well, in small point game (500 points each side), Dean and I put our fleets to the test.  We decided to play a pitched battle and as general of the Athenian fleet I won initiative and chose to deployed my forces first.  So during turn one, I try to maneuver one of my squadrons in between the 2 reefs (depicted in gray).

Turn One

At the beginning of turn two it appears Dean isn’t going to allow me to minimize the advantage of his greater numbers.  All three of his squadrons pass their ‘get your back into it’ checks and the fleets close in on each other. At the beginning of turn three,  I position two of my squadrons in order to engage the Persians with missile fire, which proves totally ineffective.

Turn Two
Athenian Missile Fire Proves Ineffective

In his turn three, Dean engages the squadron containing my Fleet Commander and manages to destroy him.  In return, I destroy one of his triremes and damage another one.  With the loss of my Fleet Commander I find myself on my heels.  I was very happy we weren’t playing the grudge match scenario of Dean would of already had the game in the bag.  So as I reel from the punishment on my right flank, my left appears to be doing very well.  I still have a chance to pull this off and obtain victory.

Turn Three
Victory On The Left Flank

In turn four, with all but two of my vessels destroyed on the right flank, the squadron fails it’s moral check and turns tail to run!  In turn five, my quadrireme runs aground but survives and remains in action.   Almost by fate, Dean attempts to disengage and both of my remaining squadrons move in for the kill.   During turn six and seven, I begin chasing Deans routing vessels and he repays the favor in kind.

Still hope for victory on the left flank
Athenians Flee on the right flank

As I look at the reminants of my fleet, I realize that in order to have any chance of winning I must destroy at least three more of Dean’s vessels.  The Persians pursues the squadron on the right flank off the table (below).  So I engage one of his fleeing quadriremes and a trireme, destroying the trireme, but nothing else.  During his final turn, Dean ensures to protect his vessels and again rolls very well to repeal the continuing boarding action with his resilient quadrireme.

Well, the final score was 20 points for the Persians and 16 for the Athenians.  Dean pulls off a solid victory.   Congratulations Dean!

Here Comes the Traitors of Plataea

With the WAB GT only 6 months away, I stopped painting my Seleucid army and redirected myself to a whole new army from scratch.  My heart really wasn’t into doing the Seleucids, which was slowing progress to a crawl.  In the meantime, I kept looking through AoA2 in the hopes I would become inspired by a new army.

Looking in my box of old and unfinished projects I found a few Foundry and Crusader Miniatures which consisted of Hoplites and Persians.  These are the remnants of a project I had run a many years ago- a Thermopylae demo .  But I just didn’t want to paint another Spartan or typical Greek Hoplite composition army.  I wanted to something different.  So as I was reading Plutarch’s biographies of Themistocles and Aristides and decided that I had found my perfect army…Thebes, the traitors of Plataea.  So I am off and painting my Early Greek Hoplite Army with Persian allies.  Wow, this army really are the bad guys…from a Greek point of view.

I will begin posting pics as soon as the first units are done.