Well it is now time to let the cat out of the bag.  Dean Motoyama and I have decided to attend the 2013 WAB GT in good, Old England.  It is kind of like the nerds version of a pilgrimage to Mecca.  We will first go to the WAB GT on March 2 & 3rd of 2013 in Nottingham, England.  Plans are being finalized as we speak and armies are being painted.

Dean and I both look at this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are each lucky enough to have wives who want us to go.  In addition, all of the great guys in England have conspired to make sure that Dean and I see all the great nerd spots.  I can’t wait…and its still over 8 months away.

More to come, along with updates on the armies Dean and I are planning to take to the WAB GT!  You can check out more on the WAB GT here.

5 thoughts on “WAB GT 2013!

  1. I went to turn in my passport renewal today in Tacoma, but they said renewals are only by mail now. Mailing it out next Monday. Yeah, this is a once in a lifetime event. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Dean

  2. Thanks for the tip, Pat. I was starting to focus too much on the Oscan cav – especially when armed with thrusting spears (and WS 4). Definitely will need to playtest the army a few times prior to their overseas expedition. That all said, I’m pretty happy with them – both in terms of composition, characteristics and last but not least, the relative compactness of the total army – for traveling – huh – maybe something historically considered for overseas campaigning. Dean

  3. I’ve decided to take a Mycenaean Trojan War army – chariots are pretty good on paper – good crew saves, armed with javelins each chariot can toss two per, and have two attacks each in combat; also will have a unit of chariot runners supporting the two chariot squadrons. Dean

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