The long awaited release by Victrix Miniatures Ancient Greek Hoplites has now become a reality.  Advanced orders can be placed tomorrow.  I got some inside information on the figures and everything I have seen and heard does nothing but make me want to get my hands on these figures as soon as possible.  The models use the same high-grade plastic that is a trademark of Victrix’s  Napoleonic miniatures.  The quality of the sculpts is very clean and numerous options are available.  The sculpts between boxes do have some overlap, but pieces from  different sets can be used interchangeably (in fact this is encouraged).

Four boxes are slated to be released in the next month, they include Athenians, Spartans, Thebans and Greek Mercenaries.  I have posted some of the photos which are available from the Victrix website.  These figures may be the best figures out there and with 48 per box, the value is really there for $35.

9 thoughts on “Victrix- Plastic Greeks

  1. Are we looking at the same fiddly bit construction of their Nappies or have they simplified their parts for these?

    1. There are less parts and some could be considered optional, such as daggers and scabbards. The poses are much more open to facilitate painting, especially if you leave the shields off until they are all done.

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