Well, it has been a few months since my first post where I detailed my thoughts regarding 3 optional lists for Later Greek Hoplite Armies for use in AoA2.  Those lists included Thessaly, Phocis and Greek Mercenaries.  In part 2, we will look at Epirus and Tegea.

Epirus was a kingdom located in the northwest of Greece (now divided by modern day Greece and Albania).  Prior to the Marriage of Olympias to Phillip II of Macedon, Epirus was regarded as a backwater both culturally and economically by many southern Greeks.  Many of Epirus’s early wars were against Illyrian tribesmen who continually raided and plundered Epirote villiages.   As Epirus expanded it’s control of the region in the early 4th Century B.C., some local tribes were brought under control.  With the Rise of the Macedonian Empire, beginning in 359 B.C., Epirus would become famous among the entire world and no longer be regarded as a backwater.  This list covers Epirus prior to the Rise of Macedon.

Epirote Army– Characters: up to 25%. Cavalry: up to 10%, may not take Elites.  Hoplite Infantry: at least 25%, only every second unit of Regular Hoplites may be equipped with light armor, 0-1 units of Elites may be taken, Levy may NOT be equipped with light armor.  Light Troops: up to 25%. Allies:  up to 25%, May select from allied tribesmen or Minor City-States list .  Use Illyrian list (without slaves) as allied tribesmen.

Tegea was a city located in the Pelopennese and beginning in the 4 Century B.C. joined the Arcadian League in order to throw off the yoke of Sparta.  Tegean Hoplites had a reputation as stalwarts and their defeat of Sparta in 550 B.C. at the Battle of the Fetters did much to confirm it.   Due to Tegea’s close proximity to Sparta or in response to it, Tegeans developed very effective warriors.  Tegea’s alliances with Sparta were fickle, having allied with Sparta during the First Battle of Mantinea in 418 B.C. and later allied with Thebes against Sparta in the Second Battle of Mantinea in 362 B.C.

Tegean Army– Characters: up to 25%.  Cavalry: up to 10%, may not take Elites.  Hoplite Infantry: at least 25%, every third Hoplite unit may be upgraded to Elite.  Light Troops: up to 25%.  Allies:  up to 25%, may select from Sparta OR Thebes (not both).


2 thoughts on “What About My Greeks- Part 2

  1. Interesting overview and nice list work. My previous interest in Northern Greece extended mainly to Thessaly due to it being the tradional home of Achilles; as well as Epirus as Olympia claimed she decended from Achilles via his son Neoptolemos. Wonder if any of the Myrmidons survived past the Mycenaean and Dark Age?

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