ADEPTICON 2012 – Until Next Year!

Well Adepticon 2012 has come and gone.  I must say that as always it was a fun event.  For those of you out there that love WAB as much as I do this is the one event to the year that no one should miss.

With 3 full days of WAB events, no one should have left un-WAB-satisfied.  The Friday night Prince’s Crusade was a big hit and enjoyed by all who participated.  With a minor win for the forces of Saladin, I was glad to have been one of Mike Butcher’s Berber vassals.

The Saturday individual tournament was as always a blast, but hard-fought as always.  The 3 game format, organized by Rich Nelson was a new twist on the 20 battle point format.  Each scenario had three distinct elements which lead to the accumulation of battle points which were kept in a running total for the championship.  Well with 2 wins and a 3rd-round loss, I was pushing the dead-middle of the overall standings.

Rather than duplicate his efforts here, Mike Butcher took some great pictures and has a review of all 3 days of events, so check it out on his blog, The Butcher’s Bill.

Sunday-the Team Tournament, I wish I could say more or have a better excuse, but either through misunderstanding or staying out too late the night before (or both) my team partner (Alexander Akers) and I missed the first game of the team tournament.  So, while we could have played the remaining 2 games, we went and had lunch and watched the Cubs/Reds game.  I will make sure I don’t miss it again next year.  Watch your back Mike Butcher and Shawn Welte!