Well last week Dean helped me finish some skirmish cavalry for my Macedonian army.  Dean did the detail on the horses manes, tails, hooves, bridles and the heads of the riders.  It was a total production line system, but the time crunch for Adepticon was pressing.

The second picture is of the Cretan archers that I added to my army this year.  I normally don’t like paying 14 points per model, but included them in my list to help bulk out my missile troops.  Everything was dipped with ARMY PAINTER strong tone.

I just wanted to say thanks to Dean and well I am off to Adepticon.  See you all next week.

One thought on “Team Painting with Dean Motoyama.

  1. Pat: I was honored & pleased to have helped out. The dip did enhance the hem design. I’d like to add some of the same design to the neck and sleeves later. Dean

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