In a continuous effort not to be left in the dust by Dean Motoyama and his secret ninja painting techniques,  I sat down and worked on ten of my Byzantine Thematic Skirmishers for my Early Thematic Byzantine Army.  The figures are from Crusader Miniatures and the painting process was sped up considerably by the use of Army Painter Brand Products, namely the strong tone shade.

First I affixed the models to magnetic bases manufactured by Shogun Miniatures (as is the metal movement tray).  I then cut down some Xyston spears to use as the javelins and glued them on.  Note- I want to say thanks to all of those model manufactures who DO NOT supply spears for their models…you can all suck it!  I then primed the models white using Armory Spray Primer and painted the faces with GW elf flesh.

So I kept with a pretty narrow color pallet consisting of GW skull white, bleached bone, blood red, mithril silver, black, graveyard earth and calthan brown…Then dip!  I few post dip drying touch ups and finishing off the bases prior to spraying with dull coat.  The bucklers are still drying and will be attached over the weekend. Okay DONE!  They are not perfect, but are ready for the table top.  Only 150 more model to go until the army is finished.

2 thoughts on “Thematic Byzantine Skirmishers – 10 Done!

  1. Very nice Mr. WAB! I like the look – the red hemmed tunics are a very nice touch. The basing is very nice too. I’m lazy when it comes to basing – lately I’ve been just using acrylic caulking and then just painting it and adding static grass. I suppose the next time we see your army, it should be totally painted. Best, Dean

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