WAB at Strategicon-OrcCon 2012

Well, President’s Day weekend has come and gone.  And I am already looking forward to next year and the next Webster Open Warhammer Ancient Battles Tournament.  Above is a picture of the my first game against the legend (he would say ‘no’) Jeff Jonas.  Jeff’s army is on the left hand side and I am on the right (turn 1 just after deployment).  I was playing my Early Successors Imperial Macedonian Army from AoA2, and Jeff was playing his Ptolemaic Egyptians.

As with the common Strategicon format, each players plays 2 games with ‘in-period’ match-ups as often as possible.  After turn 1 games are in, winners are paired against winners.  Battle points are added and if a clear winner looks obvious, awards are handed out.  Otherwise, a third round ensues.  The 2nd game with optional 3rd is a very popular format because nobody is ever rushed, lunches are normally 1 1/2 hours, and those who want to enjoy a cold beer after game 2, can sit around and play a third game (out of time period) and not feel pressured, while those who have long drive (and it’s Sunday) can head on home early.

With a field of 16 players, it was a good time with enough armies to give a broad range of time periods.  Both of my games were ‘in-period’ and I think the same was true for everyone else.  Harold Hildebrand did a great job and prize support was given by Gripping Beast Miniatures.  As always, no additional fee was required which is VERY different from many of the other tournament style events at Strategicon.  Harold brought a couple extra armies for anyone who needed one, and supplied all of the terrain.  I am happy to report that I won both of my games, largely due to the failed die rolls of my opponents and much less on the tactics I employed.  So I took 3rd place over-all and realized I still need more practice before Adepticon…and I need to play less COE until after Adepticon as I am getting rules screwed up with increasing frequency.

For those WABers out of the Los Angeles area, I would really like to encourage you to think about heading down to the event next President’s Day weekend.  I will be in attendance, and if any of you in Washington want to head down next year, make sure to get a hold of me…perhaps we can organize a pilgrimage which will include several of us.