When I see something useful or interesting I normally make a note of it for myself and friends.  In this case I want to let everyone in the NW to get the information on Dean Motoyama’s WAB blog, under the title of WAB CORNER.  Dean just loves the game and enjoys putting up the blog, and so it isn’t cluttered with all kinds of advertising or self-promotion.  It is just an endeavor of one guy, his love for the hobby and the hope of ‘if you build it they will come‘ .

Dean probably wouldn’t classify himself as a hard-core WAB’er, but he is a fantastic painter and wargaming enthusiast.  For those of you interested in seeing some really good painting and commentary on WAB, Black Powder and whatever else Dean is painting or playing you should check his blog website at http://wabcorner.blogspot.com/

One thought on “Dean Motoyama’s WAB Blog

  1. Yea I’ve gotten to know Dean’s work through his blog. He was kind enough to link up with me and follow my love of the hobby also. He’s is an excellent hobbyist.

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