This is a map of Europe in 700 AD.  The area referred to as the Roman Empire is in fact Byzantium.  This should show the rough geographical boundaries of territories for each of the armies in play.

Regarding the campaign itself, each army will begin at 1500 points with lists chosen from AoA2.  The time period is from the Fall of the West until the rise of the Arab Caliphates (450-750 AD).  Any army which existed within this time period can be played.  If a specific version of an army listed (for example Thematic Byzantines includes a later list, such as Tagmatic Byzantines) you must use the list which existed during the time period (so Thematics are in, Tagmatics are out).  Players may make alliances with other players who have appropriate allies listed within there army list.  This ‘peace’ means that these players will not act as aggressors towards each other during the campaign until formally declaring war (which ends the option for taking allies).  Players may not take allies from lists not represented by other players (makes thinks a bit tougher) after round 1.  Teams (2) of allied players may challenge other allied teams for a 2 on 2 style game, but are not required to do so.

After 6 weeks of play (3 Saturdays equaling 1 round of the campaign), the armies will expand to include 500 additional points.  The top 4 scoring players will be given random ‘victory awards’, beginning with 4th place player.  The next player may choose to draw a new victory award or take the one already drawn and force the lower seated player to re-draw.  The next player (2nd place) can then take either lower seated players award or choose to draw and so on. The victory awards are not unlike the Age of Arthur trait system.  Additional 500 point increases and awards will occur each additional 6 weeks until 3000 points is reached (and 3 more games played).  The top 3 winners will receive some serious swag from the Historical Wargames Podcast Sponsors.

Battles will be in the format presented in WAB2 (pages 140-150).  Each game day (round) will consist of each player dicing off, with the highest dice roll (on 3d6) being able to choose his opponent (or team challenge).  The next highest player (unless already chosen) then picks his opponent and so on.  When determining the type of battle, the challenging player then rolls 2d6.  A roll of 2-3 = Ambush*, 4 = Rearguard, 5 = Attack on the Camp, 6-8 = Standard Battle/Deployment (page 143), 9 = Flank Attack, 10 = Reserves and 11-12 = Raid* (*= may be re-rolled if both players agree to do so).

Standing as of 03/31/2012:
(After 3 games).

Dean -5, Adrian -0, James -4, Ron -0, Pat -4, Bruce -0, Bob -2, Dan -4, Tom -1, Steve -2 & Dan -0.  So, standings are 1st place Dean, and a three way tie for 2nd.

End of Campaign Round One victory awards:

Hardened Body Guard–  The General’s unit (which he must join at the beginning of the game) becomes stubborn for the duration of the game.  If the General leaves the unit then the unit no longer counts as stubborn.  If the unit is destroyed* in HTH or the General is killed, the victory award is also lost.

Enhanced Reconnaissance– The General gains the Stratagem special rule.

Well-supplied– The army gains a bonus of 10% additional points in which to construct an army list (i.e. an army normally restricted to 1500 points could be increased to 1650 points).

Favor of the gods (or god for the monotheists)– The player is considered to have rolled a five for determining which army has initiative (who goes first or second).  If the other player rolls a six they win as normal, if the other player rolls a five, then both players roll off as usual.

Round Two begins 04/14/2012.  Have your 2000 point army list ready.  We will meet at 11am at the Game Matrix.  Lunch/drinks will be provided.

6 thoughts on “2012 Early Dark Ages Campaign

  1. It will be 1500 points on the 17th;
    March 3- 1500
    March 17- 1500
    March 31- 1500
    April 14- 2000
    April 28- 2000
    May 12- 2000
    May 26- Enfilade (so everyone should have a 2000 point army to play with)
    June 9th -2500…and so on until we play 3 games at 3000 points…And should be
    finishing up by mid-August. Next Campaign will be Greeks (Pre-Alexander)!

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