For any of you who are interested in 28mm Historical Wargames (in particular Ancient Battles).  There is currently some discussion regarding if a WAB or COE event will be included in the next ENFILADE event, sponsored by the NORTHWEST HISTORICAL MINIATURE WARGAMES SOCIETY this coming MEMORIAL DAY Weekend (May 26-28).  If you are interested make sure to contact me via email (through this site) or the NHMGS/Enfilade events coordinator at

Both WAB and COE are designed for experience and newer players alike.  Anyone familiar with any Gamesworkshop game system(s) can quickly master either rule system.

4 thoughts on “WAB or Clash of Empires at Enfilade 2012?

  1. I might be, it depends on when Dean and I end up hosting our main game on Sunday like we usually do because it’s more relaxed… especially so this year, as we’re both newbie coordinators for the convention. 🙂

  2. What? Adrian this is at least your second years as Event Coordinator – and before that you were the Secretary. You’re an old hand.

    Don’t forget Bruce Duthie, Scott Abbott, James Ruth and Dan P. too – those guys have played more WAB than me.

    1. Hah! Whatever Dean! 🙂 I’m still a newbie. 🙂

      … and you know you’re way around WAB pretty well. 🙂

      We’re still doing our big Nappy game right!?

  3. Calling all Wabbits…
    I’ll play WAB. I have all three versions of the rules. I don’t have any experience with or a copy of CoE.

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