As a die-hard 28mm Ancients player, I was wondering if anyone else out there has had a chance to review or play with the Clash of Empires Rules from Great Escape Games?  If you have any comments or questions, post them here.

3 thoughts on “Clash of Empires

  1. Pat:

    Wonder no more :)! I for one am more than willing to give those rules a go; I’m pretty sure I speak for the rest of the crew you were intro’d to this past Sunday too. About 6 of us for sure. And we all of Ancient/Medieval armies already based for WAB..Just give us a location & date. Best, Dean

  2. Played several games here in So Calif. Small group of 25/28mm WAB (1.0-2.0) and recently moved into COE. Group has very large collection of ancient miniatures.
    Similar to WAB…the army structure seems to be tighter for game design. Tabletop formations like WAB 2.0. Tabletop formations changing and marching….and abilities to march block written out. Having played WAB for several years the changeover was mainly learning the “differences”. The WAB forum was a great assistance in that regard.
    Several game AAR posted on blog…..
    Cheers…Michael (aka WR)

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